For too long small buisnesses have been ignored and forgotten.
Our goal is to bring affordable and effective advertisment options to small buisnesses. Click the arrow below or scroll to see just how we plan on doing that. So, come on down and join the neighborhood. 

Group Digital Marketing

A revolutionary way of spreading the word about your buisness.
  • 1. What is it? 

    A marketing strategy which offers a collaborative marketing platfrom for local businesses. Which provides an affordable way to advertise to your community and promote growth.

  • 2. How does it work?

    5 in 1 - Five local businesses in one platform. 

    The Neighborhood Platform - We group 5 different local businesses that would benefit from advertising in each others locations. This is done through on-site video advertising, on each others social media platforms, websites, digital mail marketing, and at local community events. 

  • 3. How is this accomplished?

    Liquid Medium Media & Marketing partners with local businesses across our community to provide a web presence, social media management, on-site video advertisement, digital mail marketing, and support of local nonprofit events to accomplish this innovative local marketing model. By using our network of businesses we are able to offer affordable advertisement and marketing across several platforms.

  • 4. Need more? 

    4 in 1 - Four neighborhoods in one platform.

    The District Platform - We group 4 neighborhoods, as described above, into one district. Which gives your local business the opportunity to be seen by four times the amount of potential customers. 

  • 5. Why do you need this? 

    In order to grow your business needs to advertise. Most small businesses belive that word of mouth is enough to bring in enough business to keep the doors open as well as generate a profit. This might be true when thinking in the short term, but if the success of your business over a longer time scale is wanted then customer acquisition is extremely important. This is done through marketing strategies that are often to expensive for most local businesses. With this platform it makes it much easier to grow customer awareness about your business and products that you offer, all with out breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our baseline packages that fit your needs. Or just give us a call and we can talk through a package that fits your businesses needs the best.