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List of Services

If you can dream it, we can create it.

Web Design

What do you do when you want to find something? Google it, right? Your internet presence is just as important as having the skill and ability to back it up. Let us design and manage it.

Member Databases

Manage all of your customers information, send email blasts from your member database, automate customer payments, manage who has access to areas of your website, and much more!

Online Sales

You have a product and you want to sell it online. Let us build your online store and we'll have you selling your product online in no time. 


We live in a digital age. In order to stand out, your buisness must be as visually appealing as possible. Good photography is key in doing just that. It can make all the difference in your customers first impression.                       


What is it your buisness does? How does your buisness implement that? What does that mean for your customer? All of these questions easily answered with just a simple video.

Aerial Media Production

L.M.M. pilots are all FAA Part 107 commercial UAV pilot certified. Drones are a necessity in making your business stand out. We offer aerial media production solutions for any needs your business may have! 

Real Estate

L.M.M. videographers and photographers are well versed in producing smooth, high quality, and appealing advertisement for all real estate needs.

Virtual Tours

Take your real estate listing to the next level! L.M.M. offers interactive virtual tours. Let your customers explore the property for themselves from the comfort of their laptop.


Calling all real estate agents! Low quality headshots do not make for a good first impression. Let us take your headshots so that you start off on the right foot with your clients. 

Digital Design

Flyers, logos, graphics, image composites, infographics, business cards, ect., these are digitally designed documents businesses use on a daily basis. Let our designers create professional products just for you. 


All though the world is moving away from the use of paper as the primary form of communication and advertisement. We understand it still serves a purpose. Ask us about our printing services. 

Collaborative Marketing

For too long small buisnesses have been ignored and forgotten. Our goal is to bring affordable and effective advertisment options to small buisnesses; that involves teamwork. Ask us about it.